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Meet BEK – your educator and coach

Let’s work together to realise your full fitness, health and mindset goals.

Bek is the perfect combination of body, mind and soul with a mix of skills from Personal Training, Nutrition and Mindset. And with 14 years of industry experience, she is the coach you want in your corner to help you implement long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes.
You have the power to change your habits, your mindset and the behaviours that are not serving you. The trick is knowing how and having the support and the right tools, to get started.
But it shouldn’t end there. Everything that you learn will be yours to keep forever. We work on developing new habits, changing old behaviours and learning how to eat, train and live in a way that aligns with your highest values.
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Episode 49
How to fuel your body for pole training
Rebekka Batten
Founder & Personal Trainer  |  Accredited Sports Nutritionist
a love letter from Bek

You are human, a woman with thoughts, feelings and emotions - you need more than fitness. I know you want to feel incredible in your skin. I know you want to heal your relationship with food. I know you want to feel strong and confident. And I know that you want to be in touch with your body - and stop fighting against it, once and for all. That's why I'm not only a Personal Trainer, but an Accredited Sports Nutritionist as well as a Mindset Coach. When you work with me, you're not just investing in a coach - but an education, a support system and a sister who wants to see you win.

This is a change for life. This is a self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love journey. I am so ready to walk beside you.

Let's do this together.

Train with Bek and learn, work hard, laugh – and most importantly thrive!
When you work with Bek, you will learn what to do and what not to do. She’ll educate you and help you understand how to train, eat and think - so that you can achieve your goals.
You shouldn’t have to suffer and miss out on life, in order to have the health, body and life you desire.
Together we work as a team on your training plan, your nutrition habits and your mindset shifts. She will provide the support and the tools – while you focus on taking action.
Life-changing support that makes sense.
Bek is on a mission to change the way women reach their fitness goals.

Personalised Coaching

Your training program is completely customised for YOU! I get it – you’re busy and have a life outside of the gym – but you also have goals to kick. This could be to lose fat, to get strong, to improve your health, build some muscle, for sports performance or even body recomposition. I’ll give you all of the tools that you need and teach you how to keep your results for life. Your program will be in the TrueCoach app!

Nutrition Coaching

You are unique and so is the way you eat. There are many factors that affect how your nutrition plan is designed. We talk about your habits, your digestion, your stress levels, sleep patterns, your lifestyle and your mindset. I’ll teach you how to eat for LIFE, by focusing on behavioural and habitual changes. For fat loss, muscle gain, for better energy and sleep – food is life!

Mindset Coaching

Your thoughts and behaviours have a massive impact on how you feel, how you function and the results you get in the gym. Changing your body must include improving your mindset to shift from anxiety and self-limiting beliefs, perfectionism and guilt, and overcoming these. On the other side of this is a positive shift to a happy and fulfilled life!
The results speak for themselves
What our community of women say.
Build your confidence anywhere with online training and nutrition coaching.
We don’t have to be in the same area or state to work together! Online coaching is available, with virtual training sessions, nutrition planning, unlimited support, fortnightly check-ins to track your progress, and completely customised training programs. Plus!! Everything you need will be in TrueCoach.
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